Upcoming Meeting
UN Members and Friends: A reminder of our next meeting. Please make reservations if you want lunch.

United Nations Association to Discuss Japan-China Relations

The Nebraska Chapter of UNA-USA will meet on Monday September 28 to learn about and discuss the lingering resentment of the Chinese (and South Korean) peoples for the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Japanese invaders in Nanjing and elsewhere during the Second World War.

Suping Lu, a professor at UNL, will talk about “China and Japan Today: Why History Matters”. His talk will explain why lingering dissatisfaction with Japan’s reticence about these events continues to poison relations between the two great Asian powers, and what role the United States might play in promoting better relations between them.

Professor Lu was born in China and spent his college years in the neighborhood of a refugee camp for victims of the 1937-38 Nanjing Massacre. He is an archivist at Love library, a painter whose work has been displayed in Love Library and elsewhere, and a scholar who has written extensively in English and Chinese about this event, and particularly about the Western eyewitnesses thereof.

The noon presentation at Aldersgate United Methodist Church, 84th and South Streets, is free and open to the public. A buffet lunch at 11:30 is $7.00 and reservations are required. Call Anita Fussell at (402) 486-2330 or email her at anitafussell214@gmail.com.